About Us

Absolute Energy is a market leader in the insulation industry in New Zealand with more than 20,000 satisfied customers in 20 years of business.

While insulation is what we do best, we like to think we’re in the business of changing lives. Every day, we strive to create warmer, healthier, energy-efficient environments. But we believe the real benefits of our work are experienced well after the job is done. Families spending more time together in cosy living areas. Customers feeling at home in your store or office space. Cheaper power bills. Fewer colds and visits to the doctor. We care about the impact our work has – from the personal and professional service we provide every customer to the lasting and life-changing benefits of the quality insulation we provide. That’s the Absolute Energy way.

Our quality

We conduct a Post-Installation Audit on our work so you can be sure that your insulation is installed to the highest standard. Firstly, our installers will check their work once the job is done. We also send out one of our qualified assessors to inspect and sign-off on the work. We go the extra mile so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Our story

Absolute Energy was founded by Paul Brockie in 2000. Paul has worked in the building industry since leaving high school and, in 1998, found himself searching for a reliable insulation provider to retrofit his own home.

His search was in vain. There was nowhere to go for independent, expert insulation advice. The career self-starter saw an opportunity to both fill that gap in the market and build awareness of the health and financial benefits of quality insulation in New Zealand homes. Paul has since built a great team of like-minded professionals and established Absolute Energy as an authority in the insulation industry.

Paul is an executive committee member for the Insulation Association of New Zealand, and a trusted installer and supplier of quality insulation products for homes and commercial buildings across New Zealand.

Absolute Energy is locally owned and operated and 100% independent, which means we can always recommend the best solution for every job.

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