Absolute Energy’s partnership with Haven Apartments


Absolute Energy and Haven Apartments

Absolute Energy is delighted to team up with Haven Apartments, a high quality development situated just 500 metres from the heart of Nelson city, New Zealand. Haven Apartments are setting the bar for sustainable and innovation in New Zealand housing. This partnership between the two company’s is a natural fit, combining our expertise in insulation with Haven’s innovative approach to eco-friendly, sustainable living.

Design and Development

Haven Apartments is a forward-thinking project that meets the market for accessible housing while embracing green technology. This development is not just about building apartments. It’s about crafting homes that are using innovative green building technologies for an eco-friendly green build.

The design of Haven Apartments is truly unique, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The interiors feature cross-laminated timber, echoing the natural beauty of Nelson. While stone-effect tiles and subtle, water-inspired hues create a calm and inviting atmosphere.

Rockwool Insulation

Absolute Energy chose Rockwool insulation for Haven Apartments, utilising its outstanding capabilities to enhance the development’s safety and comfort. Known for its exceptional acoustic, fire, and thermal properties, Rockwool serves as an excellent insulation material that also doubles as a fire barrier. This adds an extra layer of security for residents. Its non-absorbent nature makes it an ideal choice for installation behind cladding or a rainscreen. This  safeguards the building against moisture penetration without compromising its insulation efficiency. The use of Rockwool insulation in the apartments provides living spaces that are not only comfortable and energy-efficient but also safe and sound.


Absolute Energy has a long standing partnership and friendship with Scott construction, the team building Haven Apartments. At the heart of this collaboration is the mutual commitment of Absolute Energy and Haven Apartments to enhance living standards while prioritising environmental stewardship. The integration of innovative green building technologies ensures that each apartment not only provides a sanctuary for its residents but also contributes positively to the wider ecosystem.

Haven apartments

In collaborating with Haven Apartments, Absolute Energy is ensuring that comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Our insulation services mean that residents will enjoy lower energy bills and a cosy home environment.

This partnership is a celebration of our shared dedication to eco-friendly living and design innovation. We’re excited to bring our insulation expertise to these apartments Apartments. We love to help create a sustainable living space that residents will be proud to call home.

Read more here https://www.havenapartments.co.nz/