Installing acoustic wall insulation

Acoustic Wall Insulation – Reduce unwanted noise in the house

Installing acoustic wall insulation

Noise in the home is becoming an increasing issue for New Zealanders. Developers are now focused on designing and building smaller houses that are more densely packed together. Smaller home designs are often more more sustainable and affordable but occupants quickly find a noisy internal environment. As a result we’re getting increased enquires from home owners wanting to add acoustic wall insulation to their internal walls.

Because New Zealand’s building code only requires thermal insulation for your exterior walls, internal acoustic wall insulation is often overlooked. Sound waves can easily penetrate your typical internal walls which causes problems if the home has a few people living in it.


Blown acoustic insulation is easy to install between your walls.

If you’re worried about noise travelling between rooms and floors, you may want to think about adding acoustic insulation. The challenge is that after what is usually a lengthy and expensive build process, the last thing owners want to do is remove their linings to add insulation. Thankfully we have a solution.

The best product to use to insulate your walls is CosyWall Insulation. This blown wall insulation product has excellent acoustic properties that dampen sound waves. CosyWall Insulation limits the transmission of sound between rooms. It’s installed at a high density and creates a barrier that absorbs vibrations between the source and adjacent areas. The best news is that CosyWall can be installed without having to remove the linings from your walls.

The acoustic insulation is installed by drilling small wholes through your plasterboard. The insulation is then blown into the wall through a special process. Once complete, the walls are repaired and can be repainted leaving no evidence of the installation.

Check out the video below to see how CosyWall is installed into your walls.


What other steps can be taken to further reduce noise transfer?

The idea behind reducing noise transfer between walls is that the more layers you have, the more effective it is at reducing noise.

You’ll find acoustic wall insulation makes a big difference however insulation alone is only one part of controlling noise between walls. For best results we also recommend adding a second layer of plasterboard to your walls to increase the amount sound waves you can dampen.


Is it worth adding acoustic insulation to your walls?

There are numerous benefits for adding internal acoustic insulation. Apart from the noise reduction, you’ll also find internal insulation helps cut your heating and cooling costs as rooms will stay warmer or cooler for longer. A well insulated house reduces heat transfer, is more energy efficient and will help you save on your utility bill.


How much does it cost to Insulate my internal walls?

Acoustic wall insulation is a cost effective solution to removing unwanted noise transfer between walls. Each house is a little different so before we can give you a price, we really need to arrange an assessment of your property. Our home assessments are free and will allow us to provide an accurate quote and recommendations for your specific requirements. Contact us today to book your free home assessment.