20 Years of Absolute Energy

Celebrating 20 Years of Absolute Energy

Absolute Energy is one of our local Kiwi business success stories. Over its 20 years in business, the company has grown into one of the country’s most trusted insulation service providers thanks in part to the inspirational leadership of local entrepreneur and business leader Paul Brockie. Read on or have a watch the story below.

We sat down with Paul who talks about the 20-year journey that led him to build one of the most recognisable brands in Nelson.

“Looking back at our journey from early 2000 to now, Absolute Energy just started off as an idea that we could really make homes and people’s lives better. At that point, we were still a building company and I actually ended up using our builders to put insulation into homes. To be honest they probably weren’t very happy about that. It really started to grow, and I decided we really needed someone specialised to help me do this project.”

As Paul reflects on the journey, he underscores how important key people were to the business’s success.

“Tanya has been with me since 1999. She was working for me in the building business and came across as my first staff member and she’s still with the business today. Soon after, we employed Gideon as an installer and with the help of my dad, they started touring around the top of the South Island pumping insulation into people’s homes.”

“While we are a family business, the whole team culture is like that of a big family. It’s important to me that everyone is looked after and feels valued and if they’re not happy, I’m not happy.”

There were some key moments that propelled the business forward and a couple of contracts and tenders that the business successfully won which became the backbone of the company’s growth.

“The very first contract we won was with Network Tasman to insulate homes across Nelson/Tasman. Nick Clark who was the manager of this contract came on board and together we started building a small team and developed a cool funky brand.”

“Soon after we were successful in winning a much larger contract with Nelson City Council which saw us insulate many homes across Nelson alone. We just started steadily growing, taking on more staff and equipment and the difference we were making was just awesome.”

Following the initial success of the business, Absolute Energy became a provider for EECA and the Heat Smart program. This relationship has remained strong since 2009 and together they’ve been able to continue to insulate many thousands of Kiwi homes.

“Today, we’ve insulated 20,000 homes over the top of the South, and we’ve expanded into Dunedin and Queenstown. It’s been exciting to see the growth and it’s still exciting today!”

Paul describes the thought process around the development of the Absolute Energy brand. To him it was so much more than just an insulation business.

It was important to Paul to have a strong visual brand. He wanted to have a brand that really stood out and was recognisable across vehicles, road signs, apparel, and right down to business cards and pens.

“I thought, what can we do that’s going to capture people’s thoughts around energy savings………. absolute energy.”

I’ve had the privilege of talking with numerous clients, partners and staff over the last few weeks. They have all shared their experiences of working with Absolute Energy. It’s clear that the core their success is the motivation to actually make a difference in people’s lives. Absolute Energy are passionate about giving back and this sentiment extends into the community. They currently sponsor and support many local individuals and community groups across the region.

Paul wraps up by reflecting on the fact that Absolute Energy has become a generational business. His son Troy is already starting to take over the day-to-day operations.

“The future of Absolute Energy with Troy taking the reigns is exciting. This brand has got so many good things and great people going for it. The brand speaks for itself, and people trust us and we’ve got an incredible future ahead.”

Most of us that live in older homes will have some insulation but insulation standards have historically been poor. Research has shown that older homes are poorly insulated homes, and this can lead to many respiratory and health issues. A well-insulated house really does help create a healthier, warmer, dryer and more energy efficient home. Thankfully, the government know this too. In recent years they have provided funding to make well insulated homes more affordable and accessible.

To learn more about Absolute Energy or insulating your home, call them on 0800 423 454.