Man Installing CosyWall Insulation into external wall

CosyWall Insulation: Why Wall Insulation is Important for Your Home

Man Installing CosyWall Insulation into external wall

Wall Insulation helps to regulate the temperature inside and provide a comfortable living environment. It works by preventing heat from escaping in the winter and stopping heat from entering in the summer, thus helping to lower energy bills. In this article we talk about CosyWall Insulation and why we recommend blown insulation for your home’s walls.

Having adequate wall insulation installed in your home is particularly important. Exterior walls are the largest source of heat loss in a home. Insulating walls helps to create a barrier that stops heat from escaping and maintains a stable temperature inside the house. Without wall insulation, heat will escape through the walls, making the home much harder to heat, and increasing energy bills.

Furthermore, insulation can help to reduce noise levels, improve indoor air quality, and provide fire protection. Insulation is also a long-term investment, as it can improve the value of a property and provide long-lasting benefits.


What is CosyWall Insulation?

CosyWall Insulation is a high-density, dry fiber insulation product that has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002. As the leading experts in retrofitting wall insulation, CosyWall has continually worked to develop and improve its systems and processes, resulting in cutting edge technology that delivers efficient and reliable service.

CosyWall Insulation is made from a blend of inert, natural minerals and is manufactured by Knauf Insulation. The insulation is blown into wall cavities through small holes drilled into the walls and is designed to provide effective thermal insulation for external timber framed wall cavities.

Furthermore, CosyWall is water-resistant, breathable, non-combustible, and will not shrink or settle over time. It has a proven history of insulating New Zealand wall cavities and is packed in plastic weathertight packaging for easy and efficient installation.


The Benefits of Installing CosyWall Insulation

Installing CosyWall Insulation in your home offers numerous benefits, including:

Lower Energy Bills: Insulating your walls with CosyWall helps to regulate the temperature inside your home, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the space. This can result in lower energy bills and more money in your pocket.

Increased Comfort: With the walls of your home insulated, you’ll experience a more stable temperature, resulting in a more comfortable living environment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Insulation can help to improve indoor air quality by preventing mold and mildew growth, as well as reducing the amount of allergens and pollutants that enter the home.

Enhanced Fire Protection: CosyWall is non-combustible, providing enhanced fire protection for your home and family.

Reduced Noise Levels: Insulation helps to reduce noise levels, creating a more peaceful and tranquil living environment.

Increased Property Value: Installing insulation can improve the value of your property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


The Installation Process for Absolute Energy to Install CosyWall

At Absolute Energy, we are dedicated to providing a smooth and efficient installation process for our clients. Here is a step-by-step guide to our CosyWall Insulation installation process:

Installing CosyWall Insulation

1. Home Assessment: Firstly, Our team will perform a comprehensive home assessment to determine the suitability of your home for CosyWall Insulation.

2. Preparation: We’ll prepare the walls of your home for insulation by creating access points and drilling small holes.

3. Installation: Using specialised equipment, we’ll blow CosyWall Insulation into the walls of your home.

4. Sealing the Holes: We’ll go around and seal all the holes with a special compound to ensure your home remains weathertight.

5. Clean-Up: Finally, our team does a tidy-up to ensure we leave your home the way we found it, with any touch-ups or repaint necessary.


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Invest in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with CosyWall Insulation from Absolute Energy. Our expert installation team ensures proper installation of CosyWall. The result is a home that’s warm and comfortable to live in for years to come.

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