Insulation / Underfloor Insulation

Absolute Energy can insulate your floors to create a comfortable living environment all year-round. 


Stop your home’s heat loss by insulating your floors.

If your floor isn’t already insulated, this could be a good move to help warm your home and cut your energy costs. 

Why is floor insulation so important?

Insulating your floors is an important part of sealing your homes thermal envelope. In most newer homes underfloor insulation is taken care of as part of the slab design, however many older homes built on piles lack a proper insulation barrier under the house. Poor underfloor insulation means air can easily escape through the floors of your home, making it difficult to heat and cool your home. 

Absolute Energy can install underfloor insulation to the underside of your floor to help seal this area of your thermal barrier. It’s a quick and easy process and makes an enormous difference to your home environment. 

Floor insulation options

Polyester Underfloor Blanket Insulation

Polyester fibre underfloor insulation blankets are manufactured specifically for placing between floor joists, against the underside of the floor. Our floor insulation blankets have superior strength in both directions compared to some other typical polyester floor blankets or batting. The rolls are uniquely sized to facilitate handling in confined sub-floor spaces and can be torn readily to suit joist length providing great installed insulation R-values. 

It’s always easier to use polyester blanket insulation for your floors rather than sheet or segment style insulation. Polyesters typically also have the advantage of having a slightly higher installed R-value than polystyrene – the higher the R-value, the greater the insulator’s effectiveness. 


Blown underfloor insulation

Blown floor insulation is the ideal solution for insulating the floors and mid floors of new and existing homes. Installers can work efficiently because blown-in insulation fills spaces around joists, wires, pipes and irregular-shaped cavities creating a complete thermal barrier for the underside of your house.

Insulation can be blown at different densities making blown floor the perfect solution for applications where you’re looking for a high performance insulation product at an affordable installed price.

Service you can trust

We take pride in providing a positive experience for all customers – from start to finish. That’s why we go the extra mile with our Post-Installation Audit on our work, so you can be sure that your insulation has been installed to the highest standard. It’s our quality guarantee. 

A Floor Insulation Story

Learn more about how we insulated Annette’s underfloor and what a difference it’s made to their home environment. 


“I’m so impressed with the amazing service. Such a friendly efficient team. I’m sure it’s made a difference as far as keeping the heat in. Thank you.”

— Loraine

“I’m so impressed with the amazing service. Such a friendly efficient team. I’m sure it’s made a difference as far as keeping the heat in. Thank you.”

— Loraine

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