Mark from Absolute Energy stands ready to insulate Dunedin homes.

Creating Comfort and Warmth by Insulating Dunedin Homes with Absolute Energy

Mark from Absolute Energy stands ready to insulate Dunedin homes.
Discover how Absolute Energy is helping transform Dunedin Homes into warm, cosy sanctuaries.

The Unique Landscape of Dunedin’s Homes

Nestled in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island, Dunedin homes echo a time of historical richness. From houses dating back to pre- 1900s to those constructed around the 1950s to 70s, the city showcases a rich tapestry of architectural styles. Predominantly, these homes feature timber, weatherboard cladding, and stand majestically on pile structures, with a few exceptions of brick and block style homes.

Yet, while they represent the city’s grandeur, many homes still retain the insulation standards of their time. As Paul Brockie, Managing Director of Absolute Energy Dunedin, highlights, many Dunedin homes, due to their age, lack modern insulation. Ceilings are often sparsely insulated, and wall insulation became mandatory only post-1978, meaning most of these homes experience considerable home heat loss.

The Moisture Challenge: Dunedin’s Weather and Its Homes

Dunedin, with its cold and wet winter climate, confronts homeowners with unique challenges. A significant number of homes are situated in low-lying areas with high water tables, prone to dampness, especially during the colder months. Furthermore, the city’s hilly typography has led to many houses being constructed on pile foundations instead of concrete slabs, which historically made sense for both cost and stability.

However, these factors combined mean that many homes in Dunedin are susceptible to cold, damp air, leading to moisture damage. The lack of a moisture barrier under many floors sees dampness rising through floor joists, making homes cold and damp.

Moreover, it’s not just the physical dampness and cold that homeowners need to worry about. The ripple effect of insufficient insulation has far-reaching implications for the health and well-being of Dunedin residents. Damp and cold homes are breeding grounds for mould and mildew, which can trigger respiratory issues, allergies, and other health complications. Families living in such conditions often experience more frequent bouts of colds, flu, and other illnesses, leading to increased medical expenses and time off from work or school.

Photo showing different types of homes in Dunedin

From an economic standpoint, there’s also the matter of increased energy costs. When homes are not adequately insulated, heaters and heat pumps have to work overtime, leading to skyrocketing electricity bills. The initial investment in proper insulation can often be recouped in energy savings alone within a few years. And with the added benefit of a healthier living environment, the case for insulation becomes even more compelling.

Absolute Energy’s Stand Against Dampness for Dunedin Homes

Understanding the unique challenges faced by Dunedin homeowners, Absolute Energy Dunedin is leading the way in tackling these moisture-related issues. One of the most effective solutions they advocate for is the installation of underfloor insulation, including the use of polythene and polyester insulation. The polythene acts as a moisture barrier, akin to a “Gumboot for the house”, preventing moisture from entering the living areas. This, combined with the polyester underfloor insulation, creates a robust thermal barrier, ensuring homes remain warm and dry.

However, it’s not just underfloor insulation that’s a concern. Absolute Energy is addressing the widespread issue of poor or no ceiling insulation in many homes. As a solution, they offer a range of modern ceiling insulation products, from fibreglass insulation to polyester and wool insulation.

The Warmer Kiwi Homes Grant: A Funding Boon for Homeowners

A warm home is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and the New Zealand Government recognises this. They recently updated Warmer Kiwi Homes Grant. This now covers up to 80-90% of the costs of installing new insulation for eligible homes. There are a few terms and conditions that apply. This is a golden opportunity for Dunedin homeowners, many of whom are eligible for this funding. The company stands ready to help you navigate the application process. They can guide homeowners in choosing the best insulation solutions and securing the necessary funding.

Absolute Energy’s Commitment to Transform Dunedin Homes

Absolute Energy’s dedication to Dunedin is unquestionable. With a tenure of 5 years and counting, the company’s vision is clear. They aim to lead the market in insulation products and services in the region. With a stellar team, solid facilities, and strong supplier relationships, they’re well-equipped to achieve this vision.

In the words of Paul Brockie, investing in insulation is not merely about home improvement, it’s about improving the quality of life. Fewer doctor visits, reduced utility bills, and increased comfort are just a few of the immediate benefits homeowners can expect. And as countless positive testimonials reflect, Absolute Energy Dunedin is the trusted partner homeowners seek in their journey to warmer homes.

For Dunedin homeowners looking to embark on this transformation journey, Absolute Energy Dunedin is just a call away. It’s not just about insulating houses, it’s about the lasting and life-changing benefits that come from a warmer, healthier and more energy-efficient home. If you’d like to know more contact Absolute Energy Dunedin on (03) 425 7700 or email Alternatively, come chat to the team at 331A King Edward Street, South Dunedin.