Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal – Is it worth it?

Insulation Removal Turbovac

Over time, home insulation tends to deteriorate and break down making it less effective. Insulation damage can be caused by several factors including rodents, damage to your home and temperature fluctuations. Older insulation products are also known to be less durable than modern ones. Insulation removal and replacement is required to solve these issues.

Here are a few of the symptoms that might be warning signs that the home has poor or old insulation.

– Houses that are hard to heat or cool
– Mold growing in the corners of walls and windows
– Condensation on the windows
– General dampness in the home
– Drafts in the home

Issues with poor insulation can lead to a number of serious health issues so if you have a general sense that your home has poor insulation, you may want to consider Absolute Energy’s Insulation Removal service.

What Is Absolute Energy’s Insulation Removal service?

Absolute Energy have specialised equipment which can suck out your old insulation and replace it with modern, high-performance insulation. We can remove most types of old insulation and safely dispose of them leaving your ceiling clean and ready for fresh new insulation to be installed.

Insulation Removal Process

It’s important to have any insulation removal professionally completed because many older homes may have toxic on unsafe materials in the roof. Working in the roof spaces of older homes can cause health risks and as such, Absolute Energy uses full PPE gear to keep our staff safe while removing your home’s insulation.

Depending on the size of the house, this process usually takes less than a day or two. Once completed, the only evidence you’ll find that we’ve been there is the warm and cosy home you’ll be left with.

Are you ready to have your insulation removed and replaced?

In summary, our Insulation Removal service is quick, easy, and cost effective. If you’d like to have your insulation removed or would like more information, we offer a free home assessment. Click here to request a free assessment or contact us to speak to our friendly customer service team who can answer any questions you might have about the process.

There may also be funding options available through EECA’s Warmer Kiwi Homes scheme. Click here to to find out if you’re eligible for funding.