Why insulate?

Good quality insulation is the best way to keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. A well-insulated home is easier and cheaper to heat properly, saving you money on energy bills.

Working with Absolute Energy ensures that you get the expert advice, right products, and quality workmanship that make the process — from start to finish — an absolute pleasure.

The benefits of insulation

  • A warmer, drier, more comfortable home or building
  • A healthier, more energy-efficient home or building
  • Save money on your energy bill every month
  • Reduce heat loss from your home or building by up to 50%
  • Less risk of colds and other respiratory illnesses
  • Fewer visits to the doctor and days off work or school
  • Limit unwanted noise from outside or other rooms
  • Enjoy more time with loved ones in cosy living areas
  • Create a pleasant environment for staff and customers

Where should I insulate?

Our staff can help you find the insulation solution that’s best-suited to your needs and budget. If it’s a retrofit, we generally advise to start with ceiling and underfloor insulation as those areas are the most accessible. With new builds, it’s best to completely insulate the building, including the walls.

What insulation product is best?

Our insulation experts can advise you on the best insulation product to use in your home or building. There’s a wide range of insulation materials to choose from, each with different properties and features. Absolute Energy is 100% independent which means we can recommend a range of great products to suit your needs and budget.

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Absolute Energy

“I just want to send you and the team a great big thankyou. My house is warmer from having the insulation than I could have ever imagined possible. I am so happy, and from start to finish it has been a pleasure dealing with each and everyone of you.”

– A very, very happy customer 🙂

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