New Build Insulation

Absolute Energy is your New Build Insulation Specialist

Absolute Energy is your New Build Insulation Specialist 

Are you embarking on a new construction project? Absolute Energy is your go to specialist for fitting high-quality insulation in both residential and commercial projects. Insulation is a critical component of any new build and is the backbone of a comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable structure. Let’s dive into three popular insulation options that can meet the many different needs of construction projects.  

Pink Batts® Insulation – The Residential Standard 

Pink Batts® insulation is often the first choice for residential new builds for several reasons. Manufactured primarily from recycled glass material, this insulation is not just a budget-friendly option, it’s also an environmentally conscious choice. Its ease of installation and excellent thermal retention capabilities make it an attractive option for both contractors and homeowners. This tried and tested insulation solution is not just efficient in temperature regulation. It also plays a part in environmental conservation.

Pink Batts® the only glass wool insulation in New Zealand that is Eco Choice certified and that has been awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The product in manufactured from using over 80% recycled glass. This means when you choose Pink Batts® insulation, you’re selecting an insulation product that helps to keep New Zealand beautiful – too. 

Terra Lana – The Natural Choice for New Build Insulation

 A newer addition to the insulation scene for new build projects is Terra Lana, made from natural New Zealand wool. Terra Lana has made a significant impact on the local insulation market in the last few years. Manufactured in Christchurch, this insulation is eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable due to its natural components. It also provides superior thermal resistance, perfect for the cold climates of the South Island.  

Absolute Energy champions sustainability and has been able to work closley with Terra Lana to ensuring there’s no waste with our Terra Lana installations. All off-cuts and packaging from Terra Lana are sent for recycling or repurposing, avoiding ending up in landfills. You can learn more about this collaberative initiative here. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is further supported through our collaboration with Future Post, transforming the plastic packaging into useful, robust fencing posts for agricultural and residential use materials. 

Trufill Insulation: The All-Rounder 

The latest innovation in insulation is Trufill. Launched just last year, it’s already impacting greatly how buildings are insulated. Unlike traditional segment or blanket insulation, Trufill is a blown glasswool product that offers improved thermal performance. This is done through higher installed R-Values, which signifies a greater capacity for heat retention. Trufill can be applied throughout various parts of a structure making it possible to insulate hard to reach nooks and crannies, ensuring a completely sealed thermal envelope. Absolute Energy collaborates with builders and architects, offering consultancy and customisation of the Trufill system to align perfectly with the specific needs of each new build. 

For any new construction project in the South Island, Absolute Energy provides a range of insulation options to fit your needs. From the familiar comfort of Pink Batts to the eco-friendly innovation of Terra Lana, and the versatile effectiveness of Trufill Insulation, our expertise ensures your build is well-equipped to handle the elements. Visit us at to explore how we can enhance your new build with top quality insulation solutions.