sound proof with insulation

Soundproof your home with Acoustic Insulation

sound proof with insulationAbsolute energy uses CosyWall Insulation which is designed to insulate the walls of your home while reducing noise transfer. It provides both acoustic and thermal insulation to the existing wall cavities and is installed without the cost and hassle of removing the internal linings of your home. Creating a calmer and quieter home environment.

Installing acoustic insulation

Installation is done through small holes in the external cladding or through small holes in the internal lining of your home. The insulation is then blown into the cavities. Whether your home is new, old, still in the building process or a renovation, acoustic insulation can easily be installed. The result is high-quality insulation and less noise transfer within your home.

Acoustic Insulation includes materials such as

    • Wool
    • fibre glass
    • Polyester

Acoustic insulation with these materials can help to effectively absorb sound though it’s fibres. Acoustic insulation works as a substance that stops noise transfer from both inside rooms as well as outside noise. This can be important for keeping your home peaceful. Having a quiet indoor area can benefit you and your family for many reasons such as reducing your stress. It makes it easier to focus on work and allows for better communication.

how sound waves work

Sound waves work when an object vibrates, causing movement in the surrounding air molecules. A chain reaction of bumping molecules creates sound waves. With insulation these vibrations can slow as the insulation acts as a muffler against any unwanted noises that may be present in your home. By filling your wall cavities with a quality insulation, it will absorb the unwanted noises. In some homes that are uninsulated and with material such as aluminium you can hear your next-door Neighbour’s parties or the TV going on in the living room this is due to this substance being a carrier for sound waves. However, with wall insulation in your walls, floor and floor this reduces unwanted noises due to the absorption of the materials.

Acoustic insulation provides a quick solution

If you’ve had enough of loud traffic, outside noises or any other unwanted noise. Acoustic insulation is designed to reduce noise transferring from room to room making your home a quiet and comfortable space. Absolute energy provides a quick solution and leaves your home a more peaceful place to come home to.