energy efficiency

Unlocking Energy Efficiency with Insulation 

To create a long lasting and sustainable home, it’s important to start by getting your insulation right before anything else. Without proper insulation, all the extra’s like heat pumps and glazing won’t do much good, the air will still manage to escape. Recognising the importance of upgrading homes for energy efficiency, major banks across New Zealand are stepping up to help homeowners make it happen.  

Loan Options

ANZ offers the Good Energy Home Loan top-up. This allows homeowners with an existing ANZ Home Loan to borrow up to $80,000 at a fixed rate of 1.00% per annum for three years. 

Westpac’s Greater Choices home loan provides homeowners with up to $50,000 interest-free for five years. To make their homes warmer, drier, and more economical. With 0% interest and the flexibility to make lump sum payments or pay off the loan earlier without prepayment costs, Westpac’s offering is ideal for both new and existing Westpac Choices home loan customers. 

ASB’s Better Homes Top Up allows homeowners top up their existing ASB Home Loan. They allow up to $80,000 at a 1% rate, fixed for three years provided there is 20% equity in your home.  

BNZ’s Green Home Loan top-ups lets you borrow up to $80,000 at a fixed rate of 1% per annum for three years.  This is to fund eligible upgrades to your homes. Homeowners can apply for multiple top-ups, with each loan capped at $80,000, allowing for comprehensive upgrades to enhance energy efficiency. 

Partnering with Absolute Energy

You can add these loans to your existing mortgage and take advantage of these low interest rates. The loans are designed to help you improve your properties energy efficiency. A great starting place is to install quality insulation in your ceilings, walls and floors.  

As experts in home insulation, Absolute Energy can provide homeowners with a comprehensive assessment of their insulation needs. We will offer tailored solutions to maximise energy efficiency. We can also give you a quote for insulation upgrades. This can then be submitted to your chosen bank for loan approval. Whether its upgrading existing insulation or installing new insulation in key areas like the roof and floors. Absolute Energy will ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable all year round.