Insulation Installer Upgrades Home Insulation

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Home Insulation – Why You Should Consider Investing In Your Insulation

Insulation Installer Upgrades Home Insulation

Like all things in your home, insulation isn’t everlasting and will occasionally need an upgrade. So how do you know if it’s time to upgrade your home insulation? Older insulation products, particularly those used in New Zealand homes a few decades ago, can deteriorate over time. These aged materials may not be able to provide the same level of thermal protection that your home needs today. When this happens, they need to be removed and replaced with more effective, up-to-date insulation. The inferior insulation standards of yesteryears can also be a factor, as even if older homes have insulation, the insulation R-Values might not meet today’s standards.


Insulation R-Values – The Key to Energy Efficiency

Understanding R-Values is essential when considering upgrading your insulation. So, What are Insulation R-Values? An R-Value represents the thermal resistance of an insulation material. The higher the R-Value, the greater its ability to resist heat flow, and the better it will insulate your home. This is particularly crucial in New Zealand’s variable climate. Homes with higher R-Values can maintain a comfortable indoor environment year-round, resulting in less energy usage for heating and cooling.


DIY Vs Professional Insulation Upgrades – Making the Right Choice

While DIY insulation upgrades might seem appealing from a cost perspective, they can often lead to less effective results. Professional insulation service providers, like Absolute Energy, are equipped with the expertise to upgrade your home insulation. They can also navigate the complexities of insulation removal and replacement, ensuring that your home meets New Zealand’s current insulation standards.


Removing Old Insulation – Leave it to the Professionals at Absolute Energy

The insulation materials used in older New Zealand homes have often deteriorated over time due to factors like leaky roofs or critter damage. When this happens, the old insulation needs to be replaced. The removal of old insulation requires adherence to stringent safety procedures, a task best left to professionals like the team at Absolute Energy. Equipped with specialised equipment and the correct PPE gear, our team can remove and dispose of your old insulation safely. Then, we can replace it with more effective materials that will enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

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Upgrade Your Home Insulation to Take Advantage of the Energy Efficiency Increases

Upgrading your insulation can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Learn about the role insulation plays in creating energy efficient homes in our recent article.

By providing better thermal resistance, high-quality insulation reduces the need for constant heating or cooling. This results in less energy consumption, lower energy bills, and a smaller carbon footprint.


Assessing Your Insulation – The First Step to Upgrade Your Home Insulation

To end, every homeowner should consider getting their home’s insulation assessed. Understanding the current state of your insulation is the first step towards upgrading it. By contacting a professional insulation service provider like Absolute Energy, you can get an accurate assessment and learn the best ways to improve your home’s insulation, boosting its energy efficiency for the years to come.

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