Walking Football Nelson Support Blue September and Prostate Cancer Awareness

Walking Football and Blue September: Kicking Goals for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Walking Football Nelson Support Blue September and Prostate Cancer Awareness

September is a special month for Kiwi men and those who love them. Blue September is prostate cancer awareness month, and it’s a time when we try to talk about, and raise awareness of prostate cancer. With more than 4,000 Kiwi men expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, the statistics are far too high to ignore. In fact, 1 in 8 Kiwi men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. You’re bound to know someone affected, even if it’s not you.

At Absolute Energy, our commitment to well-being extends beyond providing cosy homes. It’s about embracing initiatives that better the lives of people in our communities. One such initiative close to our hearts is Walking Football Nelson, an initiative that aligns perfectly with our mission and values, and we’re proud to be one of their Sponsors.

Walking Football Nelson was established in 2019. It’s not just a game for Paul, it’s a mission to keep people connected to a sport they love, especially when age or physical constraints may prevent them from participating in traditional football. It’s as much about social connections as it is about the sport. Walking Football is held on Wednesday evenings from 6.15 pm at the Nelson Girls College Gym during school terms. It’s a fantastic way to keep active while socialising. With participants from a wide range of fitness and skill levels, Walking Football serves as an excellent avenue to reap the mental and physical health benefits of staying active, not to mention the lively social interaction that occurs post-match.


Teamwork for a Cause: Walking Football Raises $2600 for Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ

This week the members of Walking Football Nelson did something extraordinary. They combined their love for the game with their passion for a cause—raising $2,600 for Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ. By doing so, they didn’t just contribute financially; they also raised awareness about a disease that affects a significant portion of the male population in New Zealand.

Walking Football Nelson Support Prostate Cancer Awareness

We couldn’t be prouder of Walking Football Nelson and its members for their outstanding contribution. The funds raised are more than just a donation, they’re a bold statement of collective action. It’s a rallying together for a vital cause that impacts Kiwi men across the nation. The evening was an excellent reminder that community sports can be a powerful platform for social change and greater good.

We invite you to join us in making a meaningful difference this Blue September! Head across to their website at https://fundraise.prostate.org.nz/event/blueseptember/ and get behind this worthy cause.