Wall Insulation helps to create a quieter home

Add Wall Insulation for a Quieter Home

Wall Insulation helps to create a quieter home

For generations, Kiwis have relished the luxury of spacious sections and ample breathing room between neighbours. However, with land and construction costs soaring to all-time highs, today’s reality often involves smaller homes on smaller sections. This shift towards increased housing density inevitably brings a rise in noise pollution, making the quest for a quieter home more challenging yet increasingly essential. Fortunately, insulation isn’t only about controlling temperatures, it brings the added advantage of reducing noise pollution.

Insulation helps create a quieter home by providing a barrier against noise

While insulation is typically associated with keeping homes warm in winter and cool in summer, its benefits extend to acoustic comfort as well. Most insulation products, especially blown insulation products, are effective at dampening sound. It helps to reduce the transfer of unwanted noise from outside traffic, noisy neighbours, and other urban disturbances.

Wall insulation is probably the most important type of insulation in creating a quieter home. Many older homes in New Zealand lack adequate wall insulation, if they have any at all. This not only leads to thermal inefficiency but also allows noise to penetrate more easily, leaving you at the mercy of external sounds. Retrofitting insulation into the walls of your home is a straightforward solution that can vastly improve your living environment.

Why blown insulation is the the most effective option for insulation existing walls?

Blown insulation is an efficient method for retrofitting insulation into existing walls, perfect for many older Kiwi homes. It fills the cavities and creates a dense, sound-dampening barrier. This process not only seals up your home’s thermal envelope but also contributes significantly to a quieter interior.

At Absolute Energy, we understand the value of a serene home environment. That’s why we offer a free home assessment to investigate the current state of your insulation. Our experts will inspect the insulation levels in your walls and provide professional advice on the best insulation options to enhance both thermal and acoustic comfort in your home.

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