What a bike ride it was to Rabbit Island

The group set off from the Headingly Centre at 11.50am on Saturday 20th January 2018 on a truly gorgeous Nelson summer’s day.

Once at Rabbit Island the 20 people enjoyed the BBQ provided by Paul Brockie (Absolute Energy) and Tony Naylor (Support in the Community). This group bike ride is a fully inclusive session, which is set up for guys with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Whilst at Rabbit Island the group enjoyed their well earned dip followed by a great game of football once the tide had receded.

A great day enjoyed by all – A big thanks to Paul Brockie for his contribution throughout the day and also to Clive Beaumount (Tasman United) for providing the majority of the food for the BBQ.

The next Group Bike Ride is scheduled for Saturday 24th February.

Anyone wishing to join us on our next FREE Bike Ride in February, is asked to contact Tony Naylor on t.naylor@ymail.com or 0211 338688.