CozyWall Insulation

Why is CosyWall Insulation the best retrofit insulation for your existing walls?

CozyWall InsulationCosyWall Is the perfect solution for your existing walls as it creates a healthier and safer home environment. CosyWall is a special dry fiber glass wool insulation. It’s manufactured as a high-performance wall insulation product. Code mark certified a with 50-year guarantee, CosyWall aims to keep your home healthy for longer. CosyWall insulation got the government’s approval, showing that its system complies with the building codes. This certification also shows this insulation is a long lasting, durable and quality product. Code mark certification gives you peace of mind when choosing CosyWall that you are getting the highest quality insulation.

CosyWall’s insulation service

CosyWall has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002. Over these 20 years CosyWall has continually worked to improve their systems and processes. Developing innovative technology which improves the efficiency and delivery of their services. CosyWall are quality leading experts in retrofitting dry fiber wall insulation. There are many benefits to having your home retrofitted with CosyWall insulation including:

  • Minimal disturbance to your home through installation
  • Saving on your electricity bills
  • Completing your homes thermal envelope
  • Keeping your home warm and dry through all seasons

CosyWall insulation completes your homes thermal envelope by allowing your home to stay warm in winter and cool through the summer. It helps save money on your home’s electricity bills. It provides both thermal and acoustic insulation to existing wall cavities. This insulation installed without the cost or hassle of removing the internal linings of your home. You can reduce the money spent trying to warm and cool your home by having a quality barrier between the inside and outside flow of your home.

Perfect for New Zealand homes

CosyWall is a high performance retrofit wall insulation, perfect for New Zealand homes. It has been designed specifically to be retrofitted into most New Zealand homes. With CosyWall, insulation is made easy. The product is blown into your walls through small holes from either the interior or exterior of your home. Made to be easily retrofitted into older New Zealand homes. It is a high-performance way to insulate your home with as little disturbance to your home as possible. CosyWall is only available through authorised installers such as Absolute Energy.